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Tissue Specimens for Histological Analysis

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Updated Test Information:

Test Description
Tissue Specimens for Histological Analysis

Surgical Specimen, Tissue Biopsy Specimen, Routine Histology Specimen

Test ID
All Tissue Biopsies
SURG-O…………………..Surgical Biopsy
All Skin Biopsies
SKO1………………………Skin Biopsy
Prostate Biopsies
PROS6-BX……………….6 Part Prostate Biopsies
PROS12-BX……………..12 Part Prostate Biopsies
Additional Tests
*MISCINCYTE………….Miscellaneous Test Code
Specimen Type

Common tests include, but are not limited to the following: punch skin biopsy, shave skin biopsy, excisional skin biopsy, endoscopy and colonoscopy biopsies, endometrial and endocervical biopsies, oral biopsies, GI Biopsies, nasal biopsies, prostate biopsies, gallbladder, tonsil biopsies, uterus, appendix, placenta

Specimen Requirements

  • Specimen container must be labeled with two patient identifiers (i.e. patient name & date of birth), type of tissue, date collected and physician.

  • Surgical tissue requisition or electronic order must accompany the specimen. Information on the requisition and order should include patient’s name, birth date, billing information and specimen information.

Specimen Collection / Processing Instructions

As deemed appropriate by physician/surgeon

Additional Processing Details

  • Place specimen in 10% neutral buffered formalin.

  • Select specimen container size appropriate for specimen and ensure specimen is entirely submerged in formalin.

  • Whenever possible, allow for addition of formalin at a ratio of 1 part tissue to 10 parts formalin.

  • If lymphoma is suspected section a piece of fresh tissue and place in RPMI prior to adding formalin to specimen

  • Fresh specimens must be delivered to the lab immediately. Refrigerate fresh specimens if delivery is delayed. 

  • If gout is suspected submit the specimen fresh or in 100% alcohol. (See entry for Gout for more details)


Ambient –indefinite for formalin fixed tissues

Unacceptable Specimen Conditions

  • Inadequate information/missing requisition or electronic order

  • Unlabeled/mislabeled specimen

  • Patient name spelling and/or site discrepancies

  • Unclear test order(s)

  • Specimen submitted in fixative other than acceptable fixative for required testing method

  • Suboptimal specimens


Routine histology tissue processing, formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue

Estimated TAT

24 – 72 hours

Testing Schedule

Monday – Friday


  • Wet tissue is stored a minimum of 2 weeks after final report is issued.

  • Paraffin blocks & slides are stored for 10 years.

CPT Code(s)


Additional Information

Deliver to Incyte Diagnostics' laboratory as soon as possible.  Contact Client Services at (509)892-2700 to arrange for courier pickup.

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