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Critical Values Notification

Incyte Diagnostics defi­nes critical values as any test result that may constitute an immediate health risk to the individual or require immediate action on the part of the ordering clinician.  Critical values are determined by Incyte’s clinical laboratory medical director and these results will be promptly communicated to the clinician through a verbal notification. Documentation of the call is included in the final report sent to the clinician.

Incyte Diagnostics Critical Values List

Medicolegal Samples

At Incyte Diagnostics, we prioritize ethical and responsible specimen handling. We have established a clear policy regarding specimens collected for forensic/medicolegal purposes. Forensic/medicolegal specimens encompass those collected to aid in crime-solving, such as drug testing (non-therapeutic), rape test kits, and DNA testing for identification.

Incyte does NOT accept, process, or transport any specimens collected for the purposes as defined above. If approached by a client or physician's office, we will refer them to law enforcement for guidance on specimen handling and processing. In the rare event that such a specimen reaches one of our facilities, the client will be promptly contacted by our marketing team, and the specimen will be returned.

Incyte is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and compliance in all our operations.