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Breast Specimens for Histological Analysis

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Updated Test Information:

Test Description
Breast Specimens for Histological Analysis

Breast Core Needle Biopsy, Breast Biopsy, Lumpectomy Specimen, Partial Mastectomy, Mastectomy

Test ID
All Breast Specimen Types…………SURG-O
Specimen Type

Breast Core Needle Biopsies, Lumpectomy Specimen, Partial Mastectomy, Mastectomy

Specimen Requirements

  • Specimen container must be labeled with two patient identifiers (i.e. patient name & date of birth), type of tissue, date collected and physician.

  • Surgical tissue requisition or electronic order must accompany the specimen. Information on the requisition and order should include patient’s name, birth date, billing information and specimen information.

  • Record the time the specimen was removed and the time placed in formalin on the requisition or by using the “Cold Ischemia Time” stamp provided by Incyte.

Specimen Collection / Processing Instructions

As deemed appropriate by physician/surgeon

Additional Processing Details

  • Place specimen in 10% neutral buffered formalin.

  • Select specimen container size appropriate for specimen and ensure specimen is entirely submerged in formalin.

  • Whenever possible, allow for addition of formalin at a ratio of 1 part tissue to 10 parts formalin.

  • If lymphoma is suspected, section a piece of tissue and place in RPMI. 

  • Fresh specimens must be delivered to the lab immediately. Refrigerate fresh specimens if delivery is delayed. 

Collection File View/Download File

Ambient – indefinite for formalin fixed tissues

Unacceptable Specimen Conditions

  • Inadequate information/missing requisition or electronic order

  • Unlabeled/mislabeled specimen

  • Patient name spelling and/or site discrepancies

  • Unclear test order(s)

  • Specimen submitted in fixative other than acceptable fixative for required testing method

  • Suboptimal specimens

Department (code)



Routine histology tissue processing, formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue

Estimated TAT

24 – 72 hours

Testing Schedule

Monday – Friday


  • Wet tissue is stored a minimum of 2 weeks after final report is issued.

  • Paraffin blocks & slides stored for 10 years

CPT Code(s)


Additional Information

Deliver to Incyte Diagnostics' laboratory as soon as possible.  Contact Client Services at (509)892-2700 to arrange for courier pickup.

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